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Web Development

Ah! This is how the web works.
This track is for anyone who has always wondered how a website actually works. Build web applications from the ground up and understand the interplay of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Apply your first library with React.js (front-end focus) or learn about the dynamics of databases in our back-end focus.


How to join the track

You can choose this track as part of the local Digital Shaper Program or the remote Code At Home Bootcamp.

While you need to attend in-person for our Digital Shaper Program, the Code at Home Bootcamp provides a convenient option for those unable to access physical locations or seeking a quicker completion pace.


6 months, 5 hours per week or 3 months, 8 hours per week


Receive a graduation certificate
by presenting your project


Over 900 graduates

What is Web Development?

Our track is all about the software development of web pages and applications.

Web Development is a software engineering discipline that involves the development of websites and web services. The variety of work in Web Development is huge, it can range from creating a basic static web page to complex interactive web apps, including enterprise-scale applications and application programming interfaces. However, there is much more that is relevant when developing for the web. For example, the design and content of a web page, web servers and networking as well as security aspects have to be considered.

Why Web Development?

Without Web Developers no content or web application would exist on the internet!

The internet has disrupted our economy and society. The technologies we use on a daily basis will keep evolving, thus in the future Web Development will be even more important than it is today. Browsers are getting more powerful day by day, today they can even be used as whole operating systems (e.g. ChromeOS). Recent Web Development toolkits already allow you to create native apps on any device. Learning how Web Development works will provide you with powerful and versatile programming skills. These enable you to design websites, build applications, and to visualize data and make it accessible for users. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and other domains often require modern web-based interfaces to connect with the user to provide value. Therefore, having knowledge of Web Development will be an asset for you!











What will you learn?

Learn more about the technologies behind the web and how to build modern web applications!

Create responsive and interactive web pages using cutting edge technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Acquire practical experience with open source tools and development frameworks, such as React

Learn how to program web-based application programming interfaces with Node.js

Bring data to life and build interactive visualizations and graphs for any type of data

You can´t wait to acquire the most in demand tech skills?

Are you ready to learn?

Projects from previous participants

Have a look at these completed projects and get inspired!




Choose your Journey.

Locally in your city

Discover the most effective way to build tech domain knowledge with our free hybrid program! The blended-learning concept combines remote learning with in-person community events in your city.

Digital Shaper Program

#codeathome Bootcamp


Learn to code from anywhere with our free bootcamp! The fully remote program offers online learning tracks, project work and connects you with a supportive community and mentors from around the globe.

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