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Digital Shaper

In our Digital Shaper Program you can learn coding and design for free in one of our four tracks: Data Science, Web Development, Deep Learning and User Experience Design.

We are combing online learning and project work with likeminded people in your local community. Join your closest TechLabs community now!

The program at a glance


How long?

3 to 6 months

min. 5 hours / week


Who can apply?

Anyone who lives next to one of

our TechLabs locations


What's included?

Free learning program, mentorship,

certificate, local events

and workshops

The journey

Get Started

Inform yourself about the different learning tracks that your local TechLabs hub is offering and select your favourite one. Meet your mentors and local volunteers.

Online Learning

Get your personalized learning path and get started with your individual learning journey based on our curated digital learning material.

Project Phase

Choose the project that interests you the most and work on it in a small interdisciplinary team for the upcoming months while being supported by your mentors. Practice your new skills through hands-on application and real-world use cases.

Community Events

Your local Techlabs hub will offer different events and opportunities to meet, learn, or work together. This can include social meetups, workshops, speaker events, or hackathons.

Closing Pitch Event & Certification

Earn a well-respected certificate by completing your group project and presenting your results during the final pitch event. Get feedback on your work and celebrate with peers!

Benefits of the program


Start coding or designing

Benefit from guidance on where to get started, develop skills through your individual learning path and gain first insights into the professional tech world.


Build your own tech project

Choose a project that interests you to build your portfolio and work on it in a small interdisciplinary group with fellow TechLabs participants.


Learn from skilled mentors

Our mentors who have long-standing practical experience, are driven by teaching beginners in their domain, and are always happy to answer your questions!


Shape your career path

Dive deeper into the tech sphere by joining a tech company or getting in touch with our renowned partners to learn about your possibilities!

Hear from our techies and mentors


Samer Eladad
Participant, Data Science Track

Taking part in this program provided me with an opportunity to connect with incredible individuals who share similar interests 👥, work on an exciting project 📊, and gain a glimpse into the professional world of data science. 🌍 I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to explore new opportunities in this field. Oh and it's completely for free!

Miriam TechLabs Münster.png

Miriam Gercken
Participant, Data Science Track

When I decided to achieve some tech knowledge, I didn’t know where to start. At TechLabs, there are people who know what they are doing, can help me to get started, and then also help me to achieve my goals. My  highlight moment was right after I finished my track: I took part in a seminar at uni about machine learning and for the first time ever I felt comfortable talking about the topic and I knew what I was doing. That was a really nice moment.


Marva Flores
Mentor, UX Design Track

Participating in this program has been a transformative journey. It's incredibly fulfilling to assist others as they acquire crucial skills and achieve their goals. We offer our help voluntarily, expecting nothing in return, motivated by our desire to make a meaningful difference. 💡🌍

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