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UX Design

Creativity meets functionality. 
And in the end, people use it all! This track focuses on the basic principles of user-centred software design and teaches how to use iterative design cycles to turn problems into concrete, user-centred concepts that can be passed on for development.



How to join the track

You can choose this track only as part of the local Digital Shaper Program. Currently, it can not be attended in the remote Code At Home Bootcamp. We're still working on that integration and will keep you updated.


6 months, 5 hours per week


Receive a graduation certificate
by presenting your project


Over 900 graduates

What is User Experience Design?

A UX designer’s tasks often include user research, designing interactive prototypes, and testing designs.

The User Experience is made up of a person’s perception and response resulting from the use or even just the anticipated use of a product, system, or service. Therefore, UX Design is the process of understanding the user to iteratively improve the usability, accessibility and pleasure while interacting with the product. In short: Your job is it to make a user enjoy your product.

Why User Experience Design?

Every product has an user experience. Learn how to perfect it!

Since companies started anticipating the value of creating a good user experience products in all life areas have become more and more user friendly. As a result the demand for good usability and positive experiences grew over time. In addition to that there are new products entering the market every day, all of which have different demands to fulfill the needs of the people that use or even depend on them. UX Design is not only necessary to successfully establish a product it is also essential to keep the product on the market and develop it further. As a lot of products and informations are turning digital you will be the key to making them accessible for the people that depend on them and with that have the chance to make their lives easier.










What will you learn?

Define and scope the design problem you will try to address!

Learn UX Design with practical examples and use the opportunity to build a personal portfolio

Find out what the key values are for designing an enjoyable user experience

Get experience in communicating in a multidisciplinary team and create your own design portfolio

Get to know tools to prototype and implement your ideas

You can´t wait to acquire the most in demand tech skills?

Are you ready to learn?

Projects from previous participants

Have a look at these completed projects and get inspired!


Project 1


Choose your Journey.

Locally in your city

Discover the most effective way to build tech domain knowledge with our free hybrid program! The blended-learning concept combines remote learning with in-person community events in your city.

Digital Shaper Program

#codeathome Bootcamp


Learn to code from anywhere with our free bootcamp! The fully remote program offers online learning tracks, project work and connects you with a supportive community and mentors from around the globe.

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