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Data Science

The art of data analysis! Learn all the tools you need for a successful start to your first data science project. In addition to the basics of programming, names such as Pandas or NumPy will no longer be foreign to you. Analysing data sets will be easy for you and you will be able to apply your first machine learning methods.


How to join the track

You can choose this track as part of the local Digital Shaper Program or the remote Code At Home Bootcamp.

While you need to attend in-person for our Digital Shaper Program, the Code at Home Bootcamp provides a convenient option for those unable to access physical locations or seeking a quicker completion pace.


6 months, 5 hours per week or

3 months, 8 hours per week


Receive a graduation certificate
by presenting your project


Over 900 graduates

What is Data Science?

Learn data science - theory and hands-on-learning with - R or Python

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or already have some experience. The program is designed so that you can choose which level of experience you want to start with, whether you want to do hands-on or theory courses and whether you prefer to program in Python or R. You decide. Both - the hands-on as well as theoretical - tracks include basic programming exercises at first to get to know the chosen programming language. The hands-on track is made for people who want to learn how to quickly apply machine learning algorithms to solve problems without a dive into the mathematical background. The theory track includes materials and exercises which covers the theoretical (mathematical) background of several algorithms like linear and logistic regression, neural networks or dimensionality reduction. The tracks also include TechLabs Notebooks where you can deepen the knowlegde and practice the skills you learned during the online courses.

Why Data Science?

Data Scientist - The most in demand job in the 21st century!

“Data is the new oil” - a catchy phrase already said in 2006, which becomes more important over time. What makes companies like Google, Baidu or Amazon so powerful? It’s the amount of data they possess and the employees that are able to analyze it. The data volume that is created, as well as the number of companies that want to use this data, grow exponentially every year. There are beautiful and interesting insights hidden in this sea of ever increasing data, waiting to be discovered - and Data Science is the key to decipher all these hidden insights. Therefore the demand for data scientists is increasing. Data Science is a pretty versatile field. Data Scientists are demanded in almost every imaginable field, such as healthcare, banking, logistics, e-commerce and many more. Hence, as a data scientist you are able to solve a lot of different problems, gain important knowledge and deliver value to other people and your business.










What will you learn?

Data Science is a multidisciplinary domain. In it’s core it is the task of finding valuable insights from data.

How to apply machine learning models to solve problems like churn prediction or customer segmentation

Exploration of raw data to gain useful insights

General programming knowledge in R or Python

How to present your results in a structured and visually appealing way

You can´t wait to acquire the most in demand tech skills?

Are you ready to learn?

Projects from previous participants

Have a look at these completed projects and get inspired!


Asset Analyzer — Analyzing Financial Products





Choose your Journey.

Locally in your city

Discover the most effective way to build tech domain knowledge with our free hybrid program! The blended-learning concept combines remote learning with in-person community events in your city.

Digital Shaper Program

#codeathome Bootcamp


Learn to code from anywhere with our free bootcamp! The fully remote program offers online learning tracks, project work and connects you with a supportive community and mentors from around the globe.

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