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Tim Emir

Software Developer & IT Consultant

Web Development Track Participant
TechLabs Ruhr

March 15th, 2024

Experience Report: Becoming a Professional Software Developer through TechLabs

Hi Tim! Could you tell us more about your career shift?

"Sure, I remember that I joined TechLabs to switch careers. My personal journey in the tech world began almost a year ago, during my master's degree. I had the opportunity to develop an app, and that's when I knew I wanted to go into software development. I began looking for ways to learn software development and discovered an online boot camp."

That's impressive! So, how has TechLabs impacted your journey?

"I saw TechLabs as an opportunity to further boost this transition. After a project phase and a few months working in the management team, I received a job offer as a software developer. The people I met and the connections I made here helped me a lot. I got the job because of someone here at TechLabs. Our mentor, Nils, introduced me to his network."

Could you tell us a bit about your project during the TechLabs program?

"We developed a platform called Mentor Match. It was a platform where people could register as a mentor or mentee and they would be matched based on their profile data. It was a great portfolio project for my future applications."

Do you think TechLabs was pivotal in securing your job?

"Yes, I think so. The connections I made, the experience of working on a project as a team, and the opportunity to develop a portfolio project all played a role in my career transition."

Thanks for sharing your experience!

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