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Divya Kothari

User Experience Designer

UX Design Track Participant
TechLabs Amsterdam

March 15th, 2024

Experience Report: Gaining Practical UX Skills through Working with a Real Company

Can you tell a little bit about yourself and your educational / professional background ?


"Sure! I am not originally from the design field, I have done my degree in a very different field: pharmaceutical sciences. Later, I've decided to switch my career in the direction of design and graphics. I enjoy creating small apps and games for play or app stores. Back then, I was using tools like Sketch and 3D, but I was looking further into learning the tool "Figma" used in UX design."

Can you tell about your experience with the UX Track at TechLabs?


"The opportunity to work with a real company as part of the project phase and gain hands-on experience with this project was wonderful. My UX skills improved significantly as I could see my work from before and after. Getting proper feedback from the partner company when working on the project helped in many ways. My time management skills improved as well due to the work with real-time changes from the company and through working together as a cross-functional team towards delivering until the deadline. I also enjoyed working in a team since till then I was used to work on projects individually. Before TechLabs, I've only worked with mobile applications. For the first time I got to work on a web application and finally published my first web app on my portfolio."

Would you recommend the program?


"My experience was great! I felt that the course was very well structured with lots of materials, proper mentorship and guidance. I would highly recommend it and encourage anyone who would like to upgrade their skills or learn a new skill to participate in any TechLabs program."

Thanks for sharing your experience!

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