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Your accelerator
into the tech world.

Learn tech skills for free.
Join a passionate community.

We build. Digital. Shapers.

TechLabs is a globally acting non-profit organization led by volunteers that builds and offers free cohort-based learning programs in technology skills.

We believe that every person, regardless of their background, should have access to modern digital education and participate in the creation of a better tomorrow. Together, we can shape our world for good.




local hubs


learning tracks


The Program.

Three components for successful learning:

Our program follows a blended-learning approach, which forms the basis for your sustainable learning success. The learning journey consists of the following three elements:


Online Learning

Using the "edyoucated" learning platform, you build your skills step by step, regardless of time and place. If you have any questions, you can contact our mentors or the community via Slack at any time.


Project Work

You will apply your skills in a hands-on project together with a small group of people from different tracks. You will be supported by our mentors. We sometimes also offer projects in cooperation with partner companies.


and Events

During the whole journey you can attend events to meet other participants, more experienced experts, or partner companies to enhance your network. There will be a mix of workshops, talks, socials, and co-working.

Choose your Journey.

Locally in your city

Discover the most effective way to build tech domain knowledge with our free hybrid program! The blended-learning concept combines remote learning with in-person community events in your city.

Digital Shaper Program

#codeathome Bootcamp


Learn to code from anywhere with our free bootcamp! The fully remote program offers online learning tracks, project work and connects you with a supportive community and mentors from around the globe.

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